"Medical billing... The toughest piece of the puzzle of Dental Sleep Medicine. The most important part of actually integrating sleep apnea into a general dental practice is not the clinical aspect, but is patient acceptance. If you want that, you need to bill their medical insurance. I have a pretty advanced team and do a lot of sleep apnea but even I utilize Pristine Medical Billing because I can't replace their professionalism and years of experience. I would recommend Pristine and their team over any other billing company out there." - Erin Elliott, DDS

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"I have been practicing Dental Sleep Medicine for the past eleven years.  One of the primary hurdles to overcome to ensure a successful practice, is medical billing.  When it comes to medical billing, who do you listen to and trust?  There are many opinions as to what are appropriate codes a dentist should be billing without committing fraud!  This misinformation has created turmoil in the dental profession leading to many wanting to distant themselves from becoming involved with treatment of the CPAP intolerant patient. 
I initially tried having one of my team members attempt to do medical billing. That failed miserably with the comment "either this goes, or I go"!  I tried buying software that was promised to ensure my success...another miserable failure as I hired two different companies. I am now using Pristine Medical Billing.  Their process is easy for the team to integrate into the daily dental practice.  They provide outstanding customer service and support in a timely manner.  The most important decision for me in choosing Pristine Medical Billing is the integrity of their CEO/Founder, Randy Curran.  I know that Randy and his team are submitting the proper claims/documentation to keep me out of harms way and most of all get reimbursed for my treatment!  I highly recommend Pristine Medical Billing to all my colleagues!" - John H. Tucker, DICOI, DABDSM 



"Randy and his team have been billing our our sleep claims for close to five years now and have kept the revenue coming in. They have always been there when we had questions or needed help in anyway."

- Angie Nauman, DDS

 "We have been more than satisfied with Randy and his team. We had used two other billing services and one in- house biller. Once we switched to Randy, our stress level has gone way down, and our collections way up. Thank you again."

- Keane Fedosky, DDS

"Due to my multiple models in dental sleep medicine, I have had the opportunity to work with many billing companies. Randy Curran and his staff at Pristine Medical Billing are knowledgable, organized, experienced, efficient, ethical and rate at the top of my list."

- Arthur Feigenbaum, DMD

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" We at Compass Dental Group were completely new to the world of Medical Billing, and Pristine Medical Billing has made it a smooth transition and easy to understand. They are so knowledgeable and professional and is wonderful to work with.  They have  always been there to answer any and all questions almost immediately.  I would HIGHLY recommend Pristine Medical Billing for all your medical billing needs."  - Compass Dental Group


"Our story is a little different. We had been doing our own billing for decades and I trusted that my team was billing all that was allowed but, boy, was I proven wrong! When we sold our dental practice, we re-structured our approach to have Pristine handle our medical billing- and that was a huge boost for us. They were totally on top of the current events in the Insurance industry and adapted our billing all along the way to match trends.

From the beginning with Randy and his team, we knew these were good people, and that we were in good hands. They are friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Randy, Melissa, and Joseph our account manager helped us steer the practice onto a steady course that is simply awesome and most importantly, they are easily accessible to answer any questions, handle any problem. I recommend Pristine whenever I can to my students moving into the DSM world. Now, more than ever, medical billing is a vital key to success.

Take our word for it and HIRE Pristine now!” - Dr. Todd Morgan

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"The biggest obstacle that all dental offices seem to encounter when considering the integration of Dental Sleep Medicine into their practices, is medical billing. We have been working with Pristine Medical Billing for more than two years now and they have eliminated that obstacle!"  - Dr. Mark Williamson

“I judge the quality of a billing service by the smiles my admin staff show when I ask them ‘How’s it going?’ They understand the value of professionals who can help smooth the unfamiliar waters of medical billing for the typical dental office team.  My trusted team members tell me that using Pristine Medical Billing makes their job easier, helps us collect the right amount of money, and builds trust with our patients that their medical benefits are going to be maximized for their health care. I know when we reach out to Randy and his team the answers we get are thoughtful and correct.” - Dr. Steve Carstensen


“Working with Pristine Medical Billing has been an essential component of my office's operations for several years. In being able to delegate the critical insurance steps of getting benefit checks, pre-auths, and submitting claims, my office is spared from this very time consuming work. This allows us to focus the majority of our time and efforts on actually treating patients and acquiring new ones. Pristine's workflow is solid, fast and reliable. They are easy to communicate with and fast to respond. They are an essential part of my team.” - Dr. Douglas Chenin

“We have struggled in the past to feel supported with our billing company - to know that claims are being billed out, to get accurate advice and feedback, to know that when we pass on information that the information is logged and updated and that we have a relationship with our key person who responds in a timely fashion. 
We are grateful for your help and support and that we now have a billing company - and point person- on our team who meets and exceeds all above noted areas.” - Dr. Leslie Silverman


“Medical billing was by far my biggest hurdle when I began treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea in my dental practice. It was confusing and overwhelming and I spent months trying to figure it out, only to become more frustrated with the entire process. I remember getting in touch with Randy at Pristine and not long after that I saw significant growth in my practice. Not only were our claims getting approved and in a timely manner, but the profitability of our practice also increased.  My team is happier too because we know we can depend on our account manager, Kyle, to guide us along the way so that we can accurately communicate with our patients about their medical insurance benefits. I highly recommend Pristine Medical Billing.” - Dr. Emily Stopper


“Medical insurance benefits are complex, and we are able to make the best use of our time and serve our patients at a high level by outsourcing our benefit verification, pre-authorizations and insurance billing to Pristine Billing Services.  I appreciate their integrity and extensive knowledge of the nuances of the ever-changing world of medical insurance billing.” - Dr. Stuart Rich