In-Network Credentialing & Contracting Service

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get credentialed with:


Blue Cross/ Blue Sheild

united health care


Tired of Having your GAP Waivers get Denied?  


Obtain fair in-network rates while having the ability to increase patient volume and consistency by becoming a preferred provider in the private insurance database. Be one of the few dental sleep medicine practices who can market themselves to the medical community as an in-network provider.

Managed care and medical insurance payer contracting & credentialing can be a difficult and time-consuming processes. As the dental sleep medicine landscape continues to evolve, becoming an in-network contractor is a great solution in certain geographic areas across the country.  

Why Become an In-Network Provider?

  • Accurate case presentation w/ negotiated allowable

  • Faster pre-authorizations

  • Additional referrals

  • Get in before your competition

Provider credentialing is a tedious and time-consuming process requiring confirmation of licenses obtained, liability and professional insurance requirements, services provided, and other pertinent qualification criteria.

Pristine Medical Billing's staff has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the managed care system. We will use our expertise and established industry relationships to help you obtain in-network contracts that are in-line with the quality services you provide. With Pristine Medical Billing at your side, you will experience a smooth and speedy credentialing process.

In-Network Credentialing and Contracting Service Fee:

NON-CLIENT FEE - $1,400 per Insurance Carrier

PRISTINE CLIENT FEE - $1,000 per Insurance Carrier

  • %50 of service fee due to credential the practice as an In-Network Provider

  • %50 balance of service fee due at the time the In-Network contract is accepted. This includes any negotiations needed to obtain a fair fee schedule.

Let Pristine handle the headaches of negotiating your managed care with insurance contracts and credentialing your practice. To learn more about our expertise, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Click on the link below to enroll for our contracting service.