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LOCATION: 29995 Technology Drive, Murrieta, CA 92563

CE: 7 Hours - AGD CE Credits

COST: Live in Person - $595 per Attendee

2019 Course Dates:
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Maximize Medical Billing with CBCT:

The implementation of 3D Imaging through the use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) has been proven to be a very powerful tool in a dental practice. During this one-day course, our team of experts will review the advantages of utilizing medical insurance billing for CBCT in the dental practice.

In this course, our team will educate you on proper billing codes and all the necessary documentation for successful medical insurance reimbursement. You will also learn the exact patient protocols and workflows for the various related procedures.

Course Objectives:

Learn to Maximize Revenue with Medical Insurance Billing for Sleep/Airway Patients using CBCT

Learn to Augment Revenue for Implant Cases using CBCT Technology

Learn to Leverage CBCT as a Selling Tool for Your Patients for Sleep/Airway, Implants, TMD, and other Dental Related Procedures.

Learn to Obtain Medical Insurance Gap Approvals when using CBCT for TMD Patients

Learn to Successfully File Medical Insurance Claims for CBCT using Accurate Coding and Modifiers

The utilization of CBCT is an advantageous tool that many practices do not use to its full potential. Join us to maximize the benefits that CBCT could offer your practice.


Randy Curran is the founder of Pristine Medical Billing. He has over 11 years of billing experience in the sleep medicine space. Randy’s drive and vigor to help save lives has allowed him to improve sleep medicine billing protocols and experiences in hundreds of practices across the United States. He also has many years of experience billing sleep, TMD, implants, and bone grafting, etc.


Find confidence, efficiency and reliability with Pristine Medical Billing. Let our expert team turn your frustrations into opportunities, with the cleanest operation in Dental Sleep Medicine. Through the Pristine partnership, we are committed to your success; providing patient-by-patient coaching, accurate reporting and expeditious reimbursements. Pristine is proud to be the largest medical biller in the dental sleep medicine space, processing over 1,000 sleep patients a month with over 30 employees.